The Dress Down


I’m a some-time/once-upon-a-time fashion designer living in Dublin with my husband and two lovely cats. I’ve been running my own indie fashion label for ten years, and for five of those years I battled it out in the competitive high street arena of Topshop’s concession brands! Having survived that, I decided to dial it back it a notch and return to a less frenetic pace of production, before taking a season out and starting The Dress Down as an outlet for all the otherwise useless fashion and celebrity information my brain has absorbed over the years!

The Dress Down is where I’ll be casting a sometimes critical, sometimes adoring eye over the business of celebrity and fashion; looking at how the two worlds have become interdependent, and serving up fashion critiques, pop culture news, celebrity gossip and some beauty and lifestyle tidbits. After just a few months of blogging, The Dress Down has won One to Watch at the Littlewoods Ireland BOP Awards, and been a Most Aussome Fashion Blog finalist in the Blog Awards. It’s been quite a start and I have big plans in store!

All my daily, ever-changing, sometimes contradictory obsessions and opinions will be spewed out on these pages, and if you like what you see or think I need a good Dress Down drop me a line, or have at it in the comments and let’s make this a two-way conversation.

x Carolyn.


As a WordPress novice I have benefited hugely from the help and SEO expertise of Rob Ryan, WordPress Developer extraordinaire, I’d like to thank David Donohoe for my logo, and The Dress Down‘s lovely theme is “Cassia”, by Solopine.